Cracked Ice Machine

Industrial and Commercial Ice Machine

Industrial and Commercial Ice Maker Features:
* All Purpose Adjustable Thickness Ice - The stainless crusher design eliminates fine ice or snow. The ice produced is hard, dry, pure cracked / fragmented ice. The curved design provides more cold-producing surfaces giving immediate, long lasting cooling. Ice thickness is adjustable from 1/8"to 5/8" for maximum flexibility.
* Double Surface Freezing - Evaporators are constructed using a vertical tube design which allows ice to form on both inside and outside wall of the evaporator for maximum efficiency and fast recovery.
* No Moving Parts in Freezing Zone - No augers, gears, gear motors or seals to give you problems. Gravity harvest ice on both sides of the vertical tube evaporator.
* Quality Materials - The evaporator sections, evaporator tubes, frame, panels and ice cutter are made entirely from TYPE304 stainless steel. Zero maintenance bearings also enhance reliability
* Standard Parts - With the exception of the evaporator, most major components are readily available if needed at local refrigeration supply wholesalers. Although the factory has a full inventory of replacement parts, down time is eliminated by the design feature of using standard parts that are stocked by nationwide wholesalers.
* Service - The uncomplicated design eliminates major servicing headaches. Routine maintenance can be performed by almost anyone. Only the easily accessible float tank assembly needs cleaning.
* Thoroughly Tested - Each unit is tested to make sure that the components functions properly within the total system. And because there are thousands of units out there delivering tons of dependable ice every day, you are assured of a design and a company with a "Quality Conscience"..
* Custom built to our client's specifications - U.S. Ice Machine industrial and commercial ice machine and maker voltages, compressor(s) and external dimensions are constructed to each client's needs.
* Made in the USA - Every U.S. Ice Machine Mfg Co industrial and commercial ice machine and maker is assembled in our factory in North Miami, Florida, USA.