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Ice Machine / Bag Ice Dispenser System

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Ice Maker | Bag Ice Dispenser

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Ice Machine - Bag Ice Dispenser

Ice Baggers / Ice Dispensers

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  • Ice by the bag full or container full.
  • Eliminates back breaking scooping and shoveling ice.
  • 100% stainless agitator to minimize ice bridging?(in dispense section) and Auger for easier dispensing (US-3000 has dual-agitators for better ice management).
  • Modular/sectional design makes delivery and installation easy.
  • Minimal foot pedal actuation makes fill ups easy. Includes shelf for supporting bags or buckets.
  • Safety interlock switch on door for safety - it won't run when door is open.
  • Easy clean stainless steel tubular base maximizes sanitation and is unsurpassed in strength.
  • Access door in storage area permits easy access for scooping ice and ice breakup in the event of bridging.
  • Bin top is cut to suit the icemaker of your choice and is fully gasketed.
  • Saves time - dispenses 2 lbs. per second.
  • Makes bagging easy and profitable.
  • Reduces liability, injuries, and spilling.
  • Bags or bulk at your service.
Model Number Capacity Width Depth Height Weight
US-3000 Contact Us (305) 681-0023 Contact Us (305) 681-0023 Contact Us (305) 681-0023 Contact Us (305) 681-0023 Contact Us (305) 681-0023

Ice Management System
(Safe, sanitary ice dispensing and relocation)

  • Combines baggers (bags) with shuttle system (carts) under one or more ice makers.
  • Ideal for use at arenas, stadiums, assembly complexes, convention centers, etc.